How are China’s security-driven actions affecting Foreign Business?

First published by The Wire China, in this op-ed, co-founding Director of UK National Committee on China (UKNCC) and Senior Associate Fellow of Royal United Service Institute (RUSI), Andrew Cainey, offers his perspectives on this question.


The views expressed are of the author and do not represent those of UKNCC as an organisation or of other individuals associated with it.

What to expect?

In this issue of the UKNCC Guest Contributor Programme authors Dr. Ammar A. Malik and Clementine Pippa Ebel explore different aspects of China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

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The UK National Committee on China (UKNCC) Guest Contributor Programme highlights contrasting responses, by leading authors, to key questions posed by the UKNCC. The programme is designed to stimulate a deeper exploration of China related issues; drive curiosity; and test conventional wisdom.

Xiconomics – join the course

6th – 7th July, 2023

With the publication of ‘Xiconomics’ last month, UKNCC co-founder Andrew Cainey and Xiconomics co-author Christiane Prange are leading a one-day course and dinner discussion on ‘Geopolitics & China’s Rise’ with UKNCC Advisory Board Chairman, Sir Malcolm Rifkind KCMG KC.

The course offers participants the opportunity to learn about and discuss China under Xi’s leadership: its world-view, context, history, and objectives – in particular, the fusing of security, economics, and values; the impact of Xi’s Comprehensive National Security concept on the economy and business; and the ambition of the ‘Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese people’ at a time of global ‘great changes unseen in security’. Then we will explore other countries (esp. in the West) are reacting and then examine what this means for companies doing business with China:

  • What strategies are open to them?
  • What considerations are they looking?
  • What are the opportunities, risks and limits?

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