Help Desk

The UKNCC Help Desk is a free and confidential service for Parliamentarians and Civic Leaders in support of their work to best understand China and the opportunities and challenges it presents. The service offers:

  • Signposting to relevant, high-quality and broadranging research / commentary, enabling readers to explore issues of interest to them from different perspectives.
  • 1:1 sessions to discuss and explore China related issues; free from partisan; special interest group; and lobbying influencers.
  • ‘Deep-dive’ tutorials, with subject specialists, to help participants focus on the key issues of most concern and interest to them.

The help desk is accessed by completing the online enquiry form below and is open to Parliamentarians from the U.K. Parliament; Northern Ireland Assembly; Scottish Parliament; Senedd Cymru; and Civic Leaders from regional governments. The Help Desk does not offer ‘institutional views’ or policy recommendations.

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“The job of being a U.K. Parliamentarian or Civic Leader is extraordinarily demanding and wide ranging. This Help Desk is provided to give colleagues on-demand, confidential support where they can ask questions and explore issues on a 1:1 basis, free from lobbying. It is simply an excellent initiative.”

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Chairman
Advisory Board

“The UKNCC is a nimble, responsive organisation, that is free to address the needs of the U.K. as it sees them. Unencumbered by convention or funder preferences, the team has looked at what support is available and identified serious gaps that need to be filled. This Help Desk is an important step towards that goal.”

Wendy Alexander, Vice-Chair
Advisory Board


Who can access the Help Desk?

  • Serving members of the U.K. Parliament; Northern Ireland Assembly; Scottish Parliament; and Senedd Cymru (inc.assistants / research staff).
  • City Mayors, Council Leaders and Local Councillors (inc. assistants / research staff) of the 4 nations of the U.K.

What support is provided?

  • Assignment of a case manager to lead on each individual enquiry.
  • Informed guidance on research and commentary pertinent to developing a current and balanced understanding of each topic of interest.
  • 1:1 discussion sessions with UKNCC team members / 1:1 ‘deep dive’ tutorials with subject.

What 3rd party research and commentary does UKNCC draw on?

  • The UKNCC reviews a vast array of China related research and commentary from around the world in English and Chinese. From this, our team hold a current and intimate understanding of the range of materials in circulation.
  • UKNCC does not hold any formal or informal arrangements with any individual author or entity to promote or disseminate any material.

Why is UKNCC providing this service?

  • The task of developing a sophisticated, well-informed understanding of China and its impact on the U.K. is complex.
  • UKNCC is providing this service to help make knowledge acquisition on China more efficient for U.K. Parliamentarians and Civic Leaders.
  • The outcome we aim to support is well informed decision making; that is less vulnerable to the influence of special interest, lobbying and partisan groups.

Can I access the service if I am not a Parliamentarian or Civic Leader?

  • The purpose of this service is specifically to support U.K. Parliamentarians and Civic Leaders. We are, however, a friendly and enthusiastic bunch, so get in touch and if we can help, we will.

What is the process for raising any concerns?

  • If you have any concerns about the conduct or neutrality of any of the team involved with UKNCC contact Wendy Alexander, Vice-Chairman of the UKNCC Advisory Board at