Commissioned Research Paper

This paper explores – The role of Track II Diplomacy in Sino-Western Relations.

by Brian Wong & Margaret Siu

Guest Contributor Programme

The Guest Contributor Programme publishes contrasting responses, by leading authors, to key questions posed by the UKNCC.

The programme is designed to stimulate a deeper exploration of China related issues; drive curiosity and test conventional wisdom.

All responses have been written specifically for the UKNCC Guest Contributor Programme.

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Issue 16 China’s Belt & Road Initiative: What to expect?

Authors: Dr. Ammar A. Malik, Clementine Pippa Ebel

Issue 15What is unique about protests in China?

Authors: Prof. William Hurst, Mengyu Han

Issue 14What are the opportunities & challenges for China post Covid?

Authors: George Magnus, Tang Bei

Issue 13What role does nationalism play in China today?

Authors: Bill Hayton, Margaret Siu, Brian Wong, Dr. Zheng Wang

Issue 12 How is China’s approach to human rights evolving?

Authors: William Nee and Dr Xueying ZHANG

Issue 11How has China dealt with partnerships during the Ukraine crisis?

Authors: Profs. Alessandro Arduino, John Gong, Zeno Leoni

Issue 10How can the UK and China strengthen cooperation on climate?

Authors: Christine Loh, Erik Solheim

Issue 9Can 50 years of UK-China ambassadorial relations inform the future?

Authors: Prof. Kerry Brown, Madame FU Ying, Dr. Tim Summers

Issue 8How is China’s approach to IP developing?

Authors: Dr Dawei & Dr Dapeng Chen, Samuel Stone

Issue 7How should the UK view China’s technological rise?

Authors: Benjamin Speyer, Didi Kirsten Tatlow

Issue 6 Why does China act in the way it does?

Authors: Prof. Paul Gladstone, Prof. Rana Mitter

Issue 5What are the implications of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Authors: Alessandro Arduino, Raffaello Pantucci, Yue Xiaoyong

Issue 4Is China’s primacy over the Western Pacific already a reality?

Authors: Rupert Hollins, Senior Colonel (retired) Bo ZHOU

Issue 3How does China really see the UK?

Authors: Sir Vince Cable, Lin Yue

Issue 2What is China doing about Climate Change…?

Authors: Tanya Steele, Prof. James Thornton, Prof. Yuanfeng WANG & Jersey Wang LEE

Issue 1What is happening in Hong Kong on security laws…?

Authors: Evan Fowler, Christine Loh, Dr Tim Summers

How does it work?

  • A series of questions, covering a broad range of issues, are constantly reviewed by the editorial team. Questions can be proposed by anyone.
  • Two or three authors are invited to respond to each single question – who are likely to offer different perspectives and opinions on the issue(s) being explored.
  • Submissions are intended to be “quick reads” and therefore are limited to 1,250 words excluding footnotes and hyperlinks.
  • All submissions are subject to editorial control in respect to fact-checking, grammar and spelling. Once reviewed, each author is asked to approve the final version for publication.
  • In the instance that an author fails to reference a statement of fact, or quoted source, he or she will be asked by the editorial team to use an alternative prior to publication.
  • Each submission is to be written as an ‘Op-Ed’, thus reflecting the opinions of the author, and seek to advance a particular point of view and/or recommendation.
  • The views expressed in the UKNCC Guest Contributor Programme are of each author and do not represent those of UKNCC as an organisation or of any individual associated with it.
  • Contributors who prefer to participate by spoken interview (which is recorded and then transcribed) can be accommodated. Contributors will be asked to approve the final written version for publication.
  • Authors are not allowed to write anonymously or under a pseudonym.

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